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Is it Islamic?

kegiatan 2 November 2018

Have you heard that late Arifin Ilham married the fourth time? I just have. I am concerned that an ustaz (cleric) who has a congregation actually promotes polygamy by calling it Islamic. Whereas in Islamic teachings, the spirit carried is restriction and tends to advocate monogamy, not polygamy. Now, this is a distortion.

Another distortion of Islamic law that is also dangerous is in the case of the veil or niqab, which is now beginning to have a campaign if the Islamic “niqab” kaffah is used. Horrified, right?

Therefore, women scholars who have struggled for years with the texts of the Koran and Hadith are important to speak out to deflect all forms of religious interpretation. Rahmat’s WGWC workshop this time was guided by Rahima focusing on counter narrative skills on female clerics. The presence of Ruici Tio and Reinhard is also very crucial to open their eyes to how narrative battles on social media.

Learning from the Felix Siaw case, studying religion is in fact not only a matter of how exclusive narratives in the name of Islam were raised, but also how the sale of religions can be economically converted. This can be seen from Felix’s businesses such as hijab shar’i and niqab.

Related to this, Dr. Nur Rofiah strengthened the perspective of monotheism and reminded us not to defend the symbols that actually keep people from the important substance of religion, namely justice and equality for all.

This afternoon with the provisions of the resource persons, I offer steps to make alternative narratives easier. The chants will map out conservative and moderate narratives, then link with more viral news, and formulate alternative narratives taking into account audiences on social media.

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