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Never Before, SMAN 11 Semarang Holds Interfaith Camp

Semarang – SMAN 11 Semarang held an interfaith intimacy camp (Makrab) activity. The agenda that was held for the first time was initiated by Rohis in collaboration with FKPK (Catholic Student Family Forum) and CSF (Christian Student Fellowship) of SMAN 11 Semarang.

Entitled “The Spirit of Tolerance to Build Peace and Uphold Humanity”, the Makrab activity took place for two days, 6-7 December, in Gedong Songo, Bandungan, Semarang.

One of the reasons for holding this activity is to build the closeness of the administrators of school organizations, sowing peace in the school environment and learning to respect differences. Sholeh, PAI teacher at SMAN 11 Semarang opened the event that night. The opening took place at the Aulia ’Bandungan Mosque.

With a solemn atmosphere, he expressed his great appreciation to Rohis’ friends for the great idea of fostering tolerance, sowing peace and removing prejudice with this Makrab activity.

“Such ideas need to be developed and supported by policies that are in harmony. It’s very rare for our students to be ‘liquid’ in their relationships. Often we find them instead making friends in groups. The hobby of football, religion, rich kids, usually clustered based on their groups. After this Makrab I hope you no longer do that. Besides, the wider the association the more life lessons are absorbed, “he explained.

In the next session, Takmir Baitul Auliya Mosque, Nur Hadi said that it was the first time the Baitul Auliya Mosque was visited by non-Muslims. Although it was only the first time, he had no problem. He explained, building brotherhood was many ways, perhaps one of them through this kind of interfaith Makrab activities.

“The mosque should be open to anyone, the most important goal is for good,” he explained in front of 45 Makrab participants who attended.

Aulia Mosque ’is the first place of worship visited in this Makrab activity. The journey then continues to the Bandungan GKJ. Rev. Matius Rusmiyanto welcomed the group. The interactive dialogue lasted quite a long time because there were quite a lot of participants for the first time visiting a house of worship, curious more precisely.

Some questions rolled in turns, some asked the history of Christianity, religious groups in Christianity, to the function of the pulpit in the church (above and below) and trinkets in it. After the second visit, a series of activities continued with thematic FGDs. After the FGD was completed, the event was closed with a reflection of the activities by the students who were accompanied by resource persons, facilitators, and facilitators of the peaceful school from WF.

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