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No to Radicalism, AIDA Spreads Peace Movement in Surakarta

Surakarta – Indonesia Peaceful Alliance (AIDA) held interactive dialogue under the theme, “Learning Together to Becomes a Tough Generation” in Surakarta, last Wednesday (9/10/2019). The event aims to foster the spirit of the nation’s young generation to be wise in facing life’s challenges. The challenges that must be faced by young people in the present era are very diverse, including the invitation to understand violence, such as terrorism.

The event was presented by the AIDA Peace Team as a guest speaker. The Peace Team consists of victims of terrorist acts and repentant terrorists, namely Nanda Olivia Daniel (survivor of the 2004 Kuningan bomb) and Kurnia Widodo (former member of the terrorist group).

Kurnia revealed the dark story of having been involved in the understanding of violence and then reached the point of awareness to pursue the path of peace. “I hope the younger siblings do not fall into the same hole as me. We have no right to take the lives of others. Whatever the religion, we don’t have the right to kill you, “he said on the AIDA page, Thursday (10/31/2019)

Kurnia also conveyed an apology to all victims of terrorism. He claimed to regret ever joining a group that commits and plans terror. For him, one of the factors that made him aware of leaving the world of violence and choosing the path of peace was his meeting with victims. “Jihad against lust and anger is much higher than other jihadists. Violence will not solve the problem, “he said.

On the same occasion, Nanda shared her experience when a bomb explosion was struck in front of the Australian Embassy, Jakarta on September 9, 2004. At that time she was on a city bus. As a result of the bomb blast, he suffered damage to the eardrum and fingers. Even today, his hands cannot function normally. In front of the students, he showed that the impact of the notion of violence was devastating to the lives of those who were victims. Various sufferings came to whack that caused the lives of the victims to plummet. Nanda admitted that she was very grateful that she was still given the strength to go through ordeals as victims of the bomb terror.

Over time, Nanda also learned to overcome internal trauma. Although it’s not easy, he forgives the former offender. “No matter how angry I am, no matter how rude my words are, I will never beat even those who have lost them. I learned to forgive him, for my own good, “he said with tears in his eyes.

Throughout the activity, the participants seemed enthusiastic about listening to the story conveyed by the speakers. After the activity, one of the students claimed to get a valuable lesson from the story of Kurnia and Nanda. Another participant stated that he was committed to safeguarding and spreading peace, especially among his fellow students.

“Being able to forgive yourself and others is important. After this, I will invite my friends not to solve problems with violence, “he said.

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