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Sowing Peace Among Students in Indramayu

Indonesia Peace Alliance – Peace is a necessity of life for everyone. Instead, violence is not everyone’s dream. Therefore, the realization of peace must be a top priority for survival and must color our daily actions.

That was one of the lessons learned from the discussion activity entitled “Learning Together to Become a Resilient Generation” that was held by AIDA at SMAN 1 Losarang, Indramayu, West Java recently. There were 75 students who came from various majors.

The Vice Principal appreciated the activity as an experience and provision for students to be more concerned about peace. He hopes this activity will awaken the character of peace for students. “It is hoped that students here can reap the main lessons about character building that can forgive one another and maintain peace,” he said.

In his speech, the AIDA said, the purpose of the activity was to remind each other in kindness and maintain good relations between the parties so that the environment remained peaceful and safe. Students are also expected to avoid understanding and acts of violence, and always maintain peace in the surrounding environment, at least in the family and school environment.

After the activity, one of the students felt inspired to spread peace for other friends. He claimed to get lessons from the story of victims of terrorism. “From them (victims) we learn to forgive each other and make peace with ourselves so as to make others understand the meaning of peace,” he said.

While other students are of the view that forgiveness from the story of the victim inspires him to learn the meaning of forgiveness itself. “I learned from the victim’s story that forgiveness is the best way for peace,” he said. [FS]

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