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Strengthen the Peaceful Islamic Campaign, Wahid Foundation Forms Pesantren Network

Oleh: Wahid Foundation

Bogor – Wahid Foundation’s survey on religious tolerance trend shows that the potential for intolerance is still quite worrying. The survey results of this institution showed that there were 57.1% of those who were intolerant towards groups they did not like. While those who agree with the idea of violent jihad are in the range of 13.2%.

The high level of intolerance and radicalism was then translated by the Wahid Foundation in collaboration with the Directorate of Diniyah Education and Islamic Boarding Schools of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, in Muslimah activities for Change Training and Workshops in the Islamic Boarding School Community. Involving 100 (one hundred) alumni and boarding school officials from five provinces namely West Java, East Java, Central Java, DKI Jakarta, and Banten.

It is important to look at the strategic position of students and activists of pesantren alumni in mainstreaming gender and preventing religious intolerance. “So far the pesantren is considered as a benchmark in the development of religious life in Indonesia,” said Dr. Ahmad Zayadi of religious ministry.

According to him, students of pesantren do not only learn a lot about the subject of religious but also about life. In addition, the learning model through the classical books also helped to shape the personal character of the students. The classical books taught in pesantren have mostly become sub-cultures. “Understanding and deepening of the study of the classical booksdoes not only color the intellectual activities of the students but also the behavior of the students in social life,” Zayadi explained.

At the same forum. Yenny Wahid, Director of the Wahid Foundation underlined in her remarks the important role of santri as a strategic actor in efforts to strengthen tolerance and peace. For her, santri have the quality to fill public spaces with narratives of religious moderation. Especially in the midst of the growing hate speech.

“Responding to the phenomenon of adolescents today both intolerance, radicalism and hate narratives in cyberspace. Santri must be the pioneers of the noisy majority, no longer the silent majority in public spaces by spreading the narrative of peace, “explained the second daughter of the late Gus Dur.

To realize this dream, hard work and cooperation are needed to build the resilience of a peaceful and just society. “I am confident and believe that students can carry out such a big mission, we show that students are the superior generation of society,” concluded Yenny ending his speech.

This meeting was originally to be carried out for three days, Wednesday- Friday, 17-19 July 2019, at the Bogor Valley Hotel. Inviting several speakers who have long been struggling with issues of gender mainstreaming, tolerance and peace campaigns including Ayu Kartika Dewi, Managing Director of the Indika Foundation and Co-Founder of Sabang Merauke, Nur Rofiah, initiator of the Indonesian Ulama Women’s Congress (KUPI), Kalis Mardiasih columnnis Detik. com, Mojok.co and author of the book ““Muslimah yang Diperdebatkan,”, Irfan Amalee Founder of Peace Gen, Tidar Rachmadi Strategic Communication Harmony, Mujtaba Hamdi Wahid Foundation Executive Director, Alamsyah M Dja’far and Program Manager Wahid Foundation, and Visna Vulovik Development Program of Wahid Foundation.

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