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Strengthening Tolerance, SMAN 7 Semarang Held Outbound Cross Faith Students

SEMARANG – Thirty-five students of SMAN 7 Semarang take part in interfaith outbound, in Pendopo Kinanthi, Wonolopo, Mijen, Semarang, Saturday, (21/12). The event titled “Establishing Hospitality and Creating Harmony through Meeting in Diversity,” is a partnership program of SMAN 7 with the Wahid Foundation which aims to increase the value of tolerance and humanism among students.

In his remarks, the Assistant for the Damai School in Central Java, Maulia revealed, SMAN 7 Semarang is one of the Wahid Foundation Schools of Peace in Central Java. “As part of the School of Peace development program, students are instilled with the values of tolerance and humanism from an early age,” he said.

The school and students really appreciate the implementation of this event. The reason is, students are enthusiastic to attend school activities even though they are held during semester breaks. Abu Khoir, teacher of Islamic Religion at SMAN 7 Semarang said that this event can be a good place for students to get to know each other even though they are of different religions. Danu, Deputy Head of SMAN 7 Semarang also said something similar.

“The important thing is we are friendly, here candradimuka craters from various religions. We hope that this activity can be followed well. if there is anything discussed, this is a vacation, but a meaningful vacation to strengthen tolerance, build intimacy without the barriers,” said Danu.

The interfaith Outbound activities are divided into several activity agendas, there are morning exercises and sports, journalistic seminars, and peace sharing delivered by religious leaders.

Rev. Nugroho, a Christian religious leader, told all participants the message about the importance of maintaining harmony in social life. And that can already be started early. Since high school or even before. “We can start through friendship / brotherhood with peers. “The diversity meeting space like this is also important to be encouraged so that there is a sense of mutual acceptance of other people’s differences,” he said.

In the next session, Mr. Abu Khoir, a teacher of Islamic Religion at SMAN 7 Semarang also gave a message. Mr. Abu wants the younger generation now to be good at caring for harmony between religions. One way is by clever filtering of news. “This is very important in order to avoid disputes, hostility, slander, which is caused by false news that is swallowed raw on social media networks,” he said.

The event which lasted for two days with a variety of agendas left students with a distinct impression. One participant, Berlian XI grade student of SMAN 7 Semarang stated, “This interfaith outbound event is very good. We have fun, happy. We know each other better, where we used to be of different religions and less open to be more intimate,” he concluded appreciating.

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