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Strengthening Victim Perspectives on Terrorism Issues

SURAKARTA – The ISIS Declaration of 2013 conducted in Syria has an impact on Indonesian (citizens) who want to join in droves. According to the Director of AIDA Hasibullah satrawi in the Journalistic Short Course. this happens because they have been influenced by media propaganda and information disclosure.

In understanding the perspective of victims of terrorism, Hasibullah said that the media played an extraordinary role in the vision of peace. Because through the media, we can campaign for peace through true stories of individuals who are directly involved in violence, both as perpetrators and victims.

These survivors forgive the doers with love, which starts with forgiving oneself. “They do not know what they are doing, there is no point in revenge. Because God is willing to sacrifice for humans, I also deserve to be sincere with the departure of my loved ones, “said Wenny Angelina, who also lost a child due to the 2018 Surabaya Church bomb.

Strengthening the perspectives of victims in this training, survivors and former perpetrators took a large role in preventing violence. Indirect Bomb Victims of the Australian Embassy, Reni Sitania shared her experience. She said, “Whatever has happened to us with our dear family, we cannot cry or sink.”

No matter how hard Reni experienced, she must still forgive by faith. “We must not repay evil for evil, but still pray for those who have not repented to be aware,” she said in tears.

The hope of the survivors is that their rights that have not been fulfilled will be realized by the government. Agenda with the theme of Journalistic Short Course: Strengthening Victim’s Perspectives in Covering Terrorism Issues held in Surakarta, 7-8 December 2019.

On the agenda, a number of speakers attended the training. Among them were members of the Press Council, Nezar Patria; Multimedia Nusantara University Lecturer, Hanif Suranto; and Terorime Researcher at the University of Indonesia, Solahudin. In addition, there were also the main actors in media training activities, namely terrorism perpetrators and survivors.

The trainees got a lot of information about the story of the survivors as peace agents, namely Ni Kadek Ardani, Ni Nyoman Pasarini who were both victims of the 2005 Bali bombing, and Wenny Angelina, direct and indirect victims of the Surabaya Church 2018 bomb. They were formidable figures because through the days happily and joyfully.

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