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Wahid Foundation Holds MLEAD 2020

Depok – Entering the third year of the School of Peace, the Wahid Foundation continues to strengthen the school network in four provinces, namely DKI Jakarta, West Java, Central Java and East Java. These four provinces are the main focus of the Wahid Foundation in running the School of Peace program.

A number of efforts have been made to continue to strengthen the school network, both those that have and have not yet realized this peaceful school program, one of which is by holding the Muslim Leader Exploration and Development 2020 (MLEAD 2020) which was held at Wisma Hijau, Depok on January 29-2 February 2, 2020 yesterday.

The event, which was opened directly by the Wahid Foundation Executive Director, Mujtaba Hamdi, emphasized the need for the involvement of all parties in spreading peace everywhere, including in schools. Then, he also said that the School of Peace program initiated by WF was inspired by words of Gus Dur who interpreted the verse “udkhulu fi as-Silmi Kaffah” very deeply.

‚ÄúThis means not only to convert to Islam as a whole, but to be actively involved in creating peace among fellow human beings.” He said in the opening of MLEAD 2020.

Meanwhile, General Secretary of AGPAII (Association of Islamic Teachers in Indonesia) Ahmad Budiman strongly supports MLEAD 2020 and the School of Peace program. Because, if accustomed to spreading peace in schools, school residents consisting of students and teachers will also be accustomed to spreading peace in the community.

In the 4-day activity, Wahid Foundation invited 40 teachers consisting of religious subjects and school principals, as well as 40 Rohis (Islamic student organization) activist students from a number of schools from 4 provinces who have already implemented this program. They were given material to continue to build a culture of peace in their respective schools in 2 different workshops.

The students were taught a lot of very interesting material such as how to respond to religious hoaxes delivered by MAFINDO representatives (Indonesian Anti-Defamation Society). They were also told that some of the main media outlets for hoaxes were easily trusted by many people, such as WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and the website. From there, the students were then told how to detect hoaxes early to clarify firsthand whether it was a hoax or not.

In another room, the teachers took part in the ‘Peace School Indicators’ workshop. They were also given various materials such as religious moderation, Q&A Peaceful Islam, Tolerance Practices in the World of Education and Psychology of adolescent development. These materials are given with the hope that religious teachers and school principals can have a picture in developing a culture of peace in their schools.

A number of teachers and students seemed very enthusiastic about participating in this MLEAD 2020 activity. some said that the activity was too short to be carried out. They reasoned that a lot of material was very useful for them and needed to be added again. “We don’t want to go home yet, sis. The program is very interesting. ” Said one delegate of students from one of the high schools in Bandung.

The Peace School Program, which is also supported by AGPAII (Association of Islamic Teachers in Indonesia), received a lot of warm welcome from many schools, mainly in DKI Jakarta, Central Java and East Java. Therefore, in this MLEAD 2020 activity, several religious teachers expressed their enthusiasm. They revealed that the School of Peace program must continue. Because this program is very much in line with government policies related to education. One of the teachers we successfully interviewed, Fajri Samsu, said the peaceful school program was very compatible with the Safe Schools policy of the DKI Jakarta Education Agency.

“It’s just that I very rarely hear the Safe School. Therefore, the School of Peace must be continued because it is suitable and in line with the policies in the Education Office and the Ministry of Religion,” he concluded.

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