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Here’s the Message of Peace for the Young Generation

Malang – AIDA held a peace campaign among Malang students. The activity was held in five schools in Malang Regency, East Java, namely Hasyim Asy’ari Islamic High School, MA Al-Khoiriyah, Turen PGRI Vocational School, Sunan Ampel Poncokusumo Vocational School, and Wajak Vocational School. The activity was carried out in early March and was attended by approximately 75 students in each school.

The school considered this peace campaign a positive activity. Head of the Islamic High School Hasyim Asy’ari, Humaidi, said that this activity was useful for educating teenage characters. He was troubled by the fact that many teenagers were involved in negative actions.

He expressed his gratitude to AIDA for organizing these activities in his school. He advised students to listen carefully. “Make this activity as a trigger for us to do good. At least in ourselves, our families, our gratitude (on) our environment,” Humaidi said.

Chief of Al-Khoiriyah, Nanang Mulyawan, was also grateful that students met AIDA. He assumed that the meeting with AIDA was a step to make MA Al-Khoiriyah a peaceful school. “That peace should come from yourself. So, Alhamdulillah, thank God, today you are told (by AIDA) the meaning of peace,” said Nanang in front of his students when closing the event.

Deputy Head of SMK PGRI Turen, Wahyu, welcomed the peace campaign carried out by AIDA. According to him, this kind of activity was very needed by young people today. Especially in the midst of the rise of the use of social media that can give a bad influence for the successor of the nation.

“These children are the nation’s successors. If the young generation is damaged, in the next twenty years we can imagine what Indonesia will become. You are the golden generations who will lead Indonesia in the future,” Wahyu said to the participants.

While Deputy Head of Vocational High School Sunan Ampel Poncokusumo, Indrawan Sahroni, assesses that AIDA’s activities are in line with the school’s motto, which is to educate students to be pious, reliable, and noble. Sahroni invites students to really pay attention and take learning. Because, knowledge from this activity is not obtained by all students.

The same thing was also conveyed by Asrori, a representative of the Vocational School PGRI Wajak. “My beloved children. This is a good activity for you. Far away (AIDA) came from Jakarta and not all schools get the opportunity like you. Please follow well. Hopefully this activity is beneficial for your future, “said Asrori. [FAH]

Source: https://www.aida.or.id/2020/03/6473/pesan-damai-for-generasi-muda

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