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When Ex-terrorist Spreads Antivirus of Extremism

“I am a virus that has been tamed to be immune to young people like you.”

Indonesia Peaceful Alliance – This statement was expressed by Sofyan Tsauri, a former extremist, in the presence of dozens of student activists from various universities in East Java, (14/3). He reminded students not to be like him who had fallen into extremism and regretted that later.

Sofyan invited them to increase their critical power and sensitivity to the dangers of extremism. According to him, the young generation is one of the targets of extreme groups because they are considered easily influenced. “There have been a lot of extreme views like this spread on campuses,” said Sofyan in the Peace Building Training activities among the Students held by AIDA in Malang.

Based on his experience, Sofyan revealed that extreme groups often use defense narratives against Muslims who are considered oppressed. Young people whose enthusiasm is high in variety usually like these solicitation invitations. “On social media, many brothers have strong aqwal (words). Young age, still want the loud, firm. But be careful of being stuck with pride, “he said.

Since he was involved in extreme groups, Sofyan claimed he began to feel the most righteous and considered other people / groups wrong, and even considered people who did not want to fight with his group as infidels. “We usually disbelieve others for accepting democracy. If you do not disbelieve other people, you are also considered infidels,” said Sofyan.

He also urged students to be more active in studying. For him, someone who has the breadth of knowledge will not easily blame different understandings and thoughts. As in the Islamic tradition, truth is always returned to Allah, the All-knowing God. “Wallahu a’lamu bis shawab, it’s proof that our knowledge is not certain to be true,” he said concluded.

This activity was attended by representatives of student activists from seven universities, including Surabaya State University, Sidoarjo Muhammadiyah University, Airlangga University, Brawijaya University, Jember State University, and Malang State University. [AH]

Source: https://www.aida.or.id/2020/03/6480/menebar-antivirus- extremism

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