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Learning from the sincerity of the Kampung Melayu Bombing Survivors

Tasik – The May 2017 bomb explosion at the Kampung Melayu Terminal will never be forgotten by Nugraha Agung Laksono. Agung was one of the victims of the deadly attack. The explosion did not only happen once, but twice. Agung became a victim of the second explosion after trying to help the victims of the first explosion.

Still remembered clearly in Agung’s mind, that night he heard the sound of an explosion from the direction of the Transjakarta shelter. Agung had thought that a gas cylinder had exploded in a coffee shop. But not long ago there was a shout “bomb … bomb …”. Spontan Agung tried to help the injured victims.

“I saw a policeman asking for help to find a vehicle. I took the initiative to cross the road to stop city transportation to bring victims to the hospital, “said Agung when he was a guest speaker at AIDA activities in Tasikmalaya District, last February.

After successfully evacuating a victim, he is still trying to help others. But that’s when the second bomb blast occurred. Bomb fragments hit several parts of his body. He also tried to run away from the scene of the explosion with the condition of his right leg bleeding. At first Agung thought he was going to the hospital. But he chose to go to his brother-in-law’s shop.

As he walked, he felt each step heavier, until Agung collapsed. In the midst of surrender, lucky a friend who was at the time looking for Agung to meet him. Agung was evacuated to the hospital. For ten days he was hospitalized and two months outpatient. Medical examination revealed that the right leg tendon was severed. On the skin of his hands many burn scars due to splinters. “The doctor asked me to use the stick for 6 months, I used the stick but it didn’t feel like it was finally released, I learned to walk again,” Agung recalled.

At this time Agung still often felt the effects of the explosion, especially his right leg which was easily cramped and tingling if standing for a long time without moving. He also felt angry with terrorists, because he felt he had no problems with the perpetrators. Unexpectedly the offender actually hurt and disrupted his family’s economy. Agung himself has helped the family’s economy since his father died in 2010.

Over time Agung chose to rise from pain and suffering. A year after the incident, he decided to return to work as a city transportation driver. Agung does not want to be a burden to his family, instead he wants to keep fighting to help the family economy. Agung also admitted that he was traumatized at the scene, but he tried to fight the fear and let go of everything that had happened.

“I am sincere about everything that happened. If we keep getting angry it doesn’t make everything change. It did not make my wound heal, “said the fourth child of five siblings. According to Agung, sincere attitude has brought him to become a person who is calmer and relieved with everything that has happened.

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